Healthy & Delicious Eating from Lake Como

Authentic and Healthy Italian Recipes

Authentic and Healthy Italian Recipes

Authentic and Healthy Italian Recipes

Ever wondered why Italians are generally so beautiful? It has to be the food they eat! When I first came to Italy I lived with a family for six months and during that time I discovered so many new ways to cook and appreciate food. I had never before eaten produce so fresh and so delicious. I even started to eat things I had never liked in the past.

Paola Lovisetti Scamihorn has written a beautiful recipe book to let you in on some of the secrets of authentic and healthy Italian cooking. In this beautiful recipe book, illustrated with fine photography, Paola has included regional and family traditions demonstrating how a few ingredients can create a mouth-watering meal. Katharine McKeever, an Australian nutritionist, who also calls Lake Como home, has included nutritional information on certain ingredients.

This wonderful book is written in English allowing for both metric and imperial measurements. Perfect as a gift for your special wedding guests who have travelled to Lake Como for your Destination Wedding so they can remember the Italian culinary experience long after they have gone home.

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